Thursday, August 20, 2009

Have You Ever Been a Server?

(Excerpt from new book)
I've had the pleasure to observe hundreds of sometimes shy hostesses and pimply busboys and awkward dishwashers blossom into dynamic servers and dynamite line cooks...earning the respect of their peers and paying their way through life with cash, sweat and tears.

I'm saying those trials of kitchen and dining room fire will steel your emotional sinew, sharpen your wit, infect you with tolerance, laser your focus, turbo your memory, hone your sense of humor, give you power over petty, and force you to prioritize and time like a ranger in a firefight.

You'll go in sausage and come out sirloin, armored with the gypsy gift of reading faces, body language. anticipating catastrophes and equipped with an immaculate B.S. detector. So if you've never served the public, you should least once in your life.