Thursday, December 28, 2017

The not-so-smart phone.

My wife has an iPhone.
She noticed some molasses-like responses.
I told her, "Aw you're just probably bein impatient."

Whoopsy... the iPhone boys fessed up they actually slowed the older phones down because they didn't want the phone to "Just shut down." because of battery issues.
What! Justeffinshutdown!!!

They geek-addicted half the world and the thing might just stop workin?

So they apologized. Not personally, just to the media.
They say the Applers are worth bout a gazillion (actually a Trillion) bucks.
That's a 1000 billion!

I'm in the restaurant biz. If I purposely slow down your cooking time, I don't just apologize. I buy you a drink, buy you an app, a dessert, give you a hug, pat on the back.

If I'm worth a trillion dollars, I don't apologize in a vanilla-voice press release.
I send everyone who owns an iPhone a $1,000 apology with a smiley face.