Friday, January 4, 2013

From Dino Thompson
It's been a couple months since we dimmed the stain glass lights at Cagney's.
We're trying to get past it, but certainly not over it.  First I want to thank all our friends who so generously shared their thoughts, memories and sadness about Cagney's closing. It's been a tough emotional ride because it was such a huge part of our creative lives and our joy of serving others.

And of course a galaxy of heartaches to leave behind such a wonderful group of men and women. What an honor and privilege to have worked with so many fine and decent young people, many of whom blossomed into extraordinary men and women along side us. It's been a joyous ride to be a part of their lives.

Come see us at Flamingo Grill...We're still dedicated to putting a tasty smile into your evening and experiencing the joy of being of service to others and seeing friends.