Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Cagney's news.


CAGNEY’S LEASE IS COMING TO AN END: So at the end of October we will turn out the stain glass lights and call it a day at Cagney’s. For over 10,000 days, we’ve enjoyed a special work environment. We’ve had the great fortune to work side by side with upbeat, decent men and women with unequaled dedication and deliciously zany humor…and the honor to be of service to millions. 

TO OUR LOYAL GUESTS AND FRIENDS: Over 3 million smiling customers have pushed through our brass doors and sashayed across our heart pine floors. Tens of Thousands of you have dined with us for the entire 37 years. And thousands have honored us by becoming first-name friends and sharing our table and our stories and laughter.  We look forward to continuing those friendships and earning your support at our sister restaurant….FLAMINGO GRILL.

BEING OF SERVICE IS AN HONORABLE PROFESSION:  And our staff brought honor to the profession and dignity to themselves with their dedication and attention to the needs of Cagney’s guests, and their fellow staff members.
It was them who infused heart, life, smiles, laughter, positive energy and wonderfully consistent food and service to this unique building with one-of-a-kind historic decor. We kept the faith, kept the important things tight and the atmosphere loose, never cut corners, offered quality at honest prices, kept the sparkle and maintained excellence to the last bite.

THERE’S NO CLEVER WORDS TO SAY HOW WE FEEL… our staff and customers became family. There’s no menu to thank you enough. You made Cagney’s a destination and enriched our lives and kept us young. It’s been a joy and a privilege to provide a memorable work experience for several generations and to earn the recommendation of those who supported us for 37 years.

Non illegitimi carborundum
Dino and Dino