Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween past.

For the first 15 years Halloween was another large time at Cagney's. In our Dancin Room we featured goblin line dances and awards for best costume and best costume dancer. Our creative staff garbed out as Gumby, Zorro, Madonna, gangster, astronaut, or one of the Blues Brothers took your order. Tin Man, wolfman or Dracula might serve your drink or buss your table.

Legendary server Linda Spangler once Zulu'd her entire body black, weaved dreads, necklaces, bra and skirt out of 2000 bleached chicken wing bones. My partner skated in dressed as a big-hair, big-boob, roller derby slut. Another tuxedo'd customer made his entrance in a coffin flanked by 6 vampirettes in see-thru camisole nighties. Yes, Halloween was always a great excuse for grownups acting fool. One of our regulars showed up mummied in nothing but seran wrap. Another lady painted her entire body with concentric lines, landmarks and highway names.
She was Rand McNally.

Yea, Halloween brings the naughty outta people. Ever bring it out in you? Tell us.