Tuesday, June 24, 2014

PAY IT FORWARD: My old man Tony use to tell me there were only two kinds of people in the world...happy and miserable. "Happy people stay happy no matter what they have or don't have. Miserable people stay miserable and like the sayin goes they like company. They do their best to make everyone else miserable. Avoid them...run from them."

In any business, in any family we all have to deal with a few of these lifelong Les Miserables. So appreciate the happy people in your life and business. Tell them what a pleasure it is to know them, to be in their company, to be of service to them.

The other night at Flamingo Grill, 10 twentyish people walked in. They impressed me instantly by their upbeat demeanor, their delicious smiles and their gracious manners. We seated them at a large round table. When they got their entrees, they held hands and joined in a rather long prayer. A customer nearby watched. He was impressed and moved. He told their server to bring their bill to him and add a 25% tip. He left without their knowing who he was.

It was a delish moment for all. A beautiful pay-it-forward moment. Don't know the young people's name but I took a photo. All the best to you all.