Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lost and Found

Customers leave everything in a restaurant.
Keys, wallets, purses, jackets, cellphones, shades, shoes, gameboys, umbrellas, pills, reefer, coke, cameras and beaucoup credit cards. ...they even leave crutches, wheelchairs and oxygen tanks.
Usually it's more a nuisance than a problem...but then there's always the exception.

Sometime they leave children.
Customer informs me there's an unattended baby in the bathroom.
I find the baby. We ask around the dining room. No one seems to have lost a baby. I was terrified, thinking..."Oh my gosh I'm gonna have to raise it."

30 minutes later a 20ish lady comes in and sheepishly says, "I think I left my baby here."
"Was he in a blue basinet, bout two feet long?"
"You have him..."
"Yes mam, he's in the service area with two of our waitresses. Would you like him back or did you stop in to say goodbye?"
"That's not funny."
"No mam it's not."

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