Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Excerpt from Dino's New Book:
We've survived a cacophony of calamities.
Hurricane Hazel & Hugo, The Klan, hookworm epidemics, breach of contract, breech births, break-ins, band-sawed fingers, droughts, floods, fights, liquor raids, mom crashin the Lasalle into the side of the restaurant. Even survived the terror of polio epidemics, iron lungs and white-coat scientists peeking into microscopes at squiggly death on Movie Tone News.

We survived commies, bigots, boycotts, The Klan, the threat of nuclear war, gas war, Disneyland, Disney World, the Pachuko Gang, trichinosis, suffocating leases, illegal poker games, stuck draw-bridges, desolate winters, national chains and kitchenettes.

And now we have to survive sub-prime banks, liar loans, Greedy Wall Street,oblivious congressmen and 24-hr doom and gloom by Medusa TV talking heads.

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