Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slowly Emptying Cagneys

We've started moving things out of Cagney's. Every item, every piece of woodwork has its own unique story.

Lamps, barber poles, animal heads all seem to be sayin..."Hey, where you takin us? This is our home." I keep apologizing to inanimate objects.

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  1. I wish I had known of Cagneys closing earlier. We were out of town with my ailing parents in NC for much of the last year and simply missed finding out until a few weeks ago when we intended to head up for dinner. Such a sad discovery. So many memories at Cagneys. Not only of dinners and celebrations but of family stories of each piece saved from Ocean Forest. I would love to know where these items are now. I find it sad that another piece of history from that time has slipped away. I wish my daughter had the chance to walk though the doorway or to rub her hands over the old deck railings both from where my namesake stayed every year when he was young. I have always loved that I could walk into Cagneys and feel like I was surrounded by family simply because of the history.