Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bad Year Comin-Can you survive it?

(Excerpt from Dino's new book)
Before you open your own bistro, cafe, diner, or AYCE buffet...answer me this one question.
Can you survive an off year, a down year like 2008? A can't-bring-a-dime-to-the-bottom-line year like 2009? A too broke to pay attention year?

If the answer is no then forgitaboutit.

Cause it's comin. Maybe the first year, probably the 2nd, for darn sure the 3rd. You can expect to slog through some tough times. I'm not talkin a case of wilted spinach or broken eggs.
I'm talkin major equipment breakdowns, Cad-3 hurricanes, ceiling cave-ins, 100-year floods, sewer backups, power failures, swine flu outbreaks, slip'n fall scamsters, night deposit muggings, in-law embezzlers, 9-11 biblical disasters.
Do you have a money plan B, plan C?
If not then you brought a pasta spoon to a knife fight.

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