Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dealing with the mentally inebriated

Last night was busy, everyone was classy, content and happy...except for a couple folks whose mind and mouths were frazzed by alcohol.  I've categorized 15 species of drunks. But last night I encountered a new sub-species. They came in loud, drunk and were proud of it. I knew better, but I made the huge mistake of having a discussion with a couple of wannabe Kardasians. One of my regular customers, an elderly lady standing near near them overheard the ridiculous conversation. She told me if the lady tried to lay a hand on me, she would have slapped the hell outta both of them.  If only folks could see and hear themselves the next day on a video recorder. They'd have to laugh at how silly and crude they sound.

Some drunks get happy, loud, coffin quiet, funny, glib, horny, some get mean as a chigger. Yup, there is no one category or species of drunk. They can insult, amaze, confuse, dazzle, damage property, stumble, slur, threaten, offend and quote Shakespeare or Foxworth while they spill their drink and puke on your tablecloth.
                              Yup…dealin with the inebriated can be a tough day at the office.
It’s always ad lib…a Marx brother's night at the improv.

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