Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Cagney goodbyes from friends.

Hey, Guys:
That is an endearing letter. I've never read a more poignant, sincere declaration and graceful bowing-out than this one. Everything you said is true and heartrendingly appreciated by those of us who love you two.
God speed
Andy and Shirley Collins

It is a sad day Dino/Dino!  I grew up in that Building.  You created a special place for us to live, work and grow.  Thanks for the memories!
Jackie Wood
Southern Wine & Spirits

Let me first say I'm sorry to hear about Cagney's. It's always sobering to me when we lose venues along the Grand Strand that I consider icons to my memories of growing up on the strand.
Rob Wyeth

Wow! I don't have words to describe how I feel since reading the news. Hell of a run! You two can be truly proud of all the good that came out of that place. I have some of my fondest memories tied up in Cagneys, impervious to time and elements. The place is a damn landmark, and you two are the breath behind it all. All I can say is... thank you.
Michael Cavett

Well, its been a fun trip. Thank you both for the great years we had at Cagney's .
Love you both,      
Sheila and Pat Kelly                 PS:  Going to miss my Flounder Cagney !!

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