Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Note from Andrea Wood

Cagney’s is where Jackie and I first met and started the love ball rolling.   There have been so many places that have closed their doors, employees would show up for work and the doors would just be shut and they would be out of a job.  You guys have always done things with class, with dignity, with respect to your employees, and even in closing you are still doing that and thinking of others.I could go on and on, but overall the one thing I will remember most about Cagney’s is you all made us family, treated us like family and raised us when are parents weren’t looking.  You guys taught us more than you will ever know about life, about ourselves, and about how to become the people we wanted to be.  You kept us close, and allowed us to stay until we were ready to fly, then you let us go and wished us well and continue to be in our lives. 

Thank you for the belly laughs, the friendships, the love, and the memories that will last a life time.  I love you guys(and Susan) and I don’t think we would be the people we are today without your love and support over the years(a lot of years for most of us, I think at least 12 for me).  Cagney’s was a time in my life I will NEVER forget, as I continue to grow I will think of Cagney’s as probably some of the best times of my life, and I got a bonus......Jackie, the love of my life.

So I guess we will just see you at Flamingo....... or hangin’ in your trees(check out the attached pictures in your yard).

Love you lots!!!!

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